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We are thrilled to introduce our major new upgrade:

Archie Optician Software with Inventory & More!

Only $1200 per year all inclusive

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Archie Optician Software in the Cloud

Works in all browsers and on all computers, laptops, tablets & mobile devices.

  • Track all your clients, prescriptions, spectacles & contact lens'
  • Invoicing
  • Financial Reporting
  • Secure database to record all client details, including clinical data
  • Multi-user ready
  • Searchable client and prescription records
  • Intuitive Design with the Optician in mind
  • All Your Data Downloadable as a Spreadsheet at anytime

Archie Is Easy for Opticians to Use

You can learn to get started in 3 minutes.

Tammy Brown Pusloskie at Brown Family Vision, LLC in Bossier City, LA recently sent us this message:

"Trained my 70 year old Mama on the software for about 15 minutes this morning...and she has been using it without my assistance ever since!
Thought you'd like to know.


Your customers are diverse—Now you can know them even better

A Crazy Amount of Reporting:

  1. City & State
  2. Gender
  3. Age
  4. Insurance
  5. Hobbies & Activities!
  6. Prescription Data
  7. Lens Data
  8. Frame Data
  9. Financial Reporting!
  10. & more...


All the client records you like—

All the spectacles and contact lens prescription data right from your desktop, laptop, iPad, tablet or even your phone.

Print it - Display it - Never lose it

Each record is unique and is integrated into the software making everything simple and intuitive to track.

And we are talking high level security.



Order pricing if you want it—

Each prescription can have any type of spectacle order you like. We have made a simple pricing feature allowing you numerous Add-On options.

Or you can make it as simple as you like.

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